English to Danish Meaning of run - løb

Run :

løb, udeladelse, filet, reces, fritid, fritagelse, væddeløb, flyve, Rute, vask, vej, sti, strøm, flyde, afdrift, flyder, vælde, konvention, cirkulation, betalingsmiddel, problem, brugerdefinerede, rejse, udflugt, tur, indvirkning, indflydelse, indtryk, dominans, grad, flyvningen, nuværende, udstrømning, raseri, vanvid, vrede, adgang, trække sig væk, tage til ens ben

løb, køre, at føre, adfærd, bevæge sig, dyrke, efterår, være, tur, gå, tilstrækkeligt, Blive ved, tempo, styre, håndtere, operere, løb væk, bryde ud, unddrage, fyr, være på den gennemsnitlige, løbe efter, jage, flyve, vask, gå ud, komme ud, hælde, frigøre, udvides, forlænge, strække, udvide, sprede, flyde, strøm, udspringe, udføre, lave, opfylde, dukke op, flugt, forår, problem, bruge, opsluge, investere, tildele, overvindes, blive passeret, gå forbi, skal overskrides, blive krænket, gå ind, kastet ud i, indvarsle, årsag, konkurrere, efterligne, kæmpe, konkurrence, forårsage at køre, siv

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Definitions of run in English
Noun(1) a score in baseball made by a runner touching all four bases safely(2) the act of testing something(3) a race run on foot(4) an unbroken series of events(5) (American football(6) a regular trip(7) the act of running; traveling on foot at a fast pace(8) the continuous period of time during which something (a machine or a factory(9) unrestricted freedom to use(10) the production achieved during a continuous period of operation (of a machine or factory etc.(11) a small stream(12) a race between candidates for elective office(13) a row of unravelled stitches(14) the pouring forth of a fluid(15) an unbroken chronological sequence(16) a short trip
Verb(1) move fast by using one's feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time(2) flee; take to one's heels; cut and run(3) stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point(4) direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.(5) have a particular form(6) move along, of liquids(7) perform as expected when applied(8) change or be different within limits(9) run, stand, or compete for an office or a position(10) cause to emit recorded audio or video(11) move about freely and without restraint, or act as if running around in an uncontrolled way(12) have a tendency or disposition to do or be something; be inclined(13) be operating, running or functioning(14) change from one state to another(15) cause to perform(16) be affected by; be subjected to
Examples of run in English
(1) she considered a Seanad run(2) Having a coarse run , she carried a huge body of water in her wake, in which the rudder was useless.(3) they've had an unbeaten run since August(4) Twos and jokers are wild and can be used in any set or run to represent any desired card.(5) Dave has run 42 marathons(6) Replacement buses will run between Skipton and Carlisle, calling at limited stops.(7) I was a bit worried, because the only skiable route back down towards La Grave was an off-piste black run .(8) quite against the run of play, Smith scored an early try(9) I started working toward converting my car to run on vegetable oil over a year ago.(10) You can run various tests using this so that it can collect different types of information.(11) The course will be run on a very practical basis including workshops with actors, discussions and re-writing sessions.(12) A run consists of three or more consecutive cards in a single suit.(13) The art exhibition will run daily at the King's Hall and Winter Garden until this Sunday.(14) I've got to run(15) The man backed away towards a set of stairs leading back to ground level, then took off at a run .(16) I run every morning
Related Phrases of run
(1) run away ::
løb væk
(2) to run ::
at løbe
(3) run into ::
løbe ind i
(4) run out of ::
løbe tør for
(5) run over ::
kørt over
(6) in the long run ::
i det lange løb
1. sprint ::
2. route ::
3. series ::
4. demand for ::
efterspørgsel for
5. free use of ::
gratis brug af
6. type ::
7. enclosure ::
8. slope ::
9. rip ::
hvil i fred
10. discharge ::
11. tally ::
12. streak ::
13. footrace ::
14. ravel ::
15. running ::
16. political campaign ::
politisk kampagne
17. runnel ::
18. trial ::
19. sprint ::
21. compete ::
22. go ::
23. cast ::
24. extend ::
25. flow ::
26. travel ::
27. drive ::
28. be in charge of ::
stå for
29. maintain ::
31. operate ::
32. be valid ::
være gyldige
33. be staged ::
blive afholdt
34. be a candidate for ::
være en kandidat til
35. publish ::
36. smuggle ::
37. chase ::
38. run for ::
løb til
39. consort ::
40. course ::
41. execute ::
42. endure ::
43. guide ::
44. ladder ::
45. unravel ::
47. campaign ::
48. lam ::
49. play ::
50. ply ::
51. range ::
52. hunt ::
53. race ::
54. carry ::
55. lead ::
at føre
56. tend ::
57. bleed ::
Different Forms
run, runic, runlet, runlets, runs
Word Example from TV Shows
you’ll run away.

you’ll RUN away.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 13

I'll run some errands.

I'll RUN some errands. Okay.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 12

And I can't run away,
which is what we did at Craster's.

And I can't RUN away, which is what we did at Craster's.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3



The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 3

For fuck's sake, run!

For fuck's sake, RUN!

Westworld Season 2, Episode 3

English to Danish Dictionary: run

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